Eva’s: Branding, Website & Campaign


Identity Elements

Eva’s is an approachable organization with a holistic vision. The branding reflects that. Simple type, clean design, and a message that makes Eva’s purpose clear to potential donors.

The "house" symbol is a representation of a safe place to stay for youth, and a space to have their voices heard once again.


Responsive Multi-Device Applications

Visit the website at evas.ca

Homepage POV Experience

Eva’s immersive Homepage experience focuses on three real stories of Eva’s youth. Each of the narratives is told from the viewer’s point of view, forcing the audience to experience the real life situations that left some of Toronto’s youth homeless. A powerful story unfolds in steps, as an emotional falling out occurs. Later, the story resolves to a positive transformation through one of Eva’s programs.


Print and Out of Home

Eva's brand campaign highlights the dramatic change that can happen in the life of a homeless or at-risk youth when they are given a second chance – a fresh start.

The campaign shares stories of formerly homeless youth who participated in programs and services at Eva’s that helped them secure employment and independent living

Street level posters to be displayed throughout the city.

Restroom posters in restaurants and bars throughout Toronto.

Magazine ads in publications such as Maclean’s, Chatelaine, Hello Canada, and Flare.

Video billboards in Yonge and Dundas Square.

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