Girl Impact Branding


A Leadership Program for Young Women

Girl Impact was conceived as a mentorship program to help 12 Canadian girls under the age of seventeen to fundraise $50,000 to send 12 girls in Kenya to a good school.

Designed while at Messenger | Creative Director: Laura Wills

In the fall of 2008, with the help pf the Toronto District School Board, an invitation to apply for the 2009 G! Trek went out to girls in five Scarborough high schools. From the group of over 150 applicants, the 12 girls below were selected for their spark, ambition, and potential as emerging leaders who would benefit from a mentorship program like Girl !mpact.

The G! Trek team with their mentors Leanne Nicolle, Jane Shaw and Canadian Olympic gold medalist Marnie McBean

Parents, teachers and friends followed the G! blog as the girls travelled to Africa and successfully climbed Mount Kilimanjaro. Girl Impact has since become a part of Plan Canada's "Because I am a Girl" program.

The 2009 Kilimanjaro Team at the Uhuru Peak

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