LASKA • [las-kuh] (rus)


from a Russian word Ласка meaning: endearment; tenderness;

Oleksandra Korobova is a Toronto-based Creative Director. She obtained her Bachelor’s Honours Degree from the coveted York/Sheridan Graphic Design Program (YSDN), and has been working in the industry ever since. Oleksandra’s design work has been recognized by several design organizations and publications including the CMA, GDC, ADCC, R.G.D, Applied Arts & Creative Quarterly magazines. See list of awards.

Oleksandra’s creative process centers around her passion for all things design, not to mention her exceptional attention to detail. She takes on a variety of communication projects and is always looking for new and challenging avenues. Oleksandra puts great value in meaningful collaboration between the designer and the client, no matter what the nature of the assignment.


Feel free to email Oleksandra regarding any projects or collaborations:

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